High Traffic Academy by Vick Strizheus Review – And Yes, I Actually Bought It

About a month ago I came across Vick Strizheus and his High Traffic Academy. This post contains my thoughts on the course since I’ve gone threw nearly all the modules so far. Here are some initial thoughts:


Overall, I think the course is worth the $500 I paid. It is a paid traffic course by which I mean it’s not an all-encompassing course teaching all manner of traffic, conversion, selecting a product, copywriting, etc. It is specifically a paid traffic course that overviews how to use about a dozen traffic methods. As long as you expect that, it’s worth the money. If you’re looking for a mega-course, this isn’t it.

The biggest value in this course, by far, actually isn’t Vick. It’s Frank Kern teaching the 3rd Stage about how to build a relationship with your list as you build one. In case you didn’t know, Frank Kern is THE master at that in the industry and has since semi-retired. His part of the course was worth the $500 alone. He brings a lot of experience to the table, so it’s a bit harder to just Google that type of information.

So on with the course review. The course is broken down into 3 levels of training as follows:

  1. Development – Stage 1
  2. Traffic – Stage 2
  3. List Control – Stage 3

Stage 1

Since I’ve been using WordPress for years, I skimmed through the first stage pretty quickly and didn’t bother going through all of the tutorials. If you’re an absolute beginner, that stage will be helpful since it goes through the ins and outs of getting a domain name, hosting, and using FTP and what not to get your site up. There isn’t really anything new in this stage, but it seemed pretty thorough. The biggest benefit was that Vick throws in an HTML template and a WordPress theme that allows you to quickly and easily create a capture page using whatever auto-responder you’d like.

As a quick note though… the WordPress theme is a little buggy. It works fine, but it has some trouble saving your settings, so you have to refresh the settings page after you save it if you want to make an additional change. So just a heads up. It’s still quicker than making your own though.

Stage 2

Picture of Vick Strizheus and fans

Vick Strizheus – The Founder of High Traffic Academy

This is the meat of the course where Vick goes over 8 traffic strategies – Offline traffic, Penny Traffic, Underground PPC, Secret GIA (Google Image Ads) Traffic, E-mail Media Traffic, Banner Media Traffic, Ad Swap Traffic, and CPA Backdoor Traffic. Truth be told, you can probably find out about all of these strategies by Googling them, but Vick brings his experience about some things that do and don’t work for him that help to shortcut the process. I won’t give his secrets away since that wouldn’t be fair, but his insights are what make the modules worth it.

For example, I had just started running some ads when I got to his method on banners and he said that I shouldn’t use the ad size I was using. Had I watched the video before I ran the ad, I probably would have done much better with that campaign then I did. And that’s what you’re paying for with this course, you’re paying for a list of what NOT to do with each method rather than what to do.

Stage 3

Frank Kern is a boss. He talks about how to care for a list of subscribers and be really cool to them so that they actually like you and want to buy your stuff instead of you just stuffing it down their throats. He’s done it so many times himself you can tell he has the process down very well, and he doesn’t leave anything out. Again, this was by far the most valuable portion of the course.

Course Bonuses

Vick has put together a few tools that can help people with their campaigns which include a URL scarper, a link tracker, and a landing page maker. I haven’t used any other services of this type so I can’t really do a comparison at this point. I’ve found the tracker helpful since it allows you to rotate URLs so that you can split test. I use it for co-op campaigns so I can divvy the traffic up.

The site also has a list of places to go to get everything you need to run the campaigns Vick talks about – sites, autoresponders, banners, solo ads, etc. Much of it’s useful, some of it just isn’t the best value for us customers.

Stuff that Sucks about HTA

It’s not all gold. As I went through the course, got the emails, etc. I got the impression that there was an alternative motive for the course… which there is/was depending on when you’re reading this. The whole course is somewhat of a set up for Vick’s Big Idea Mastermind which is getting a bunch of people to join the EmpowerNetwork with him. The EN is sweet and I promote it myself, so I don’t have a problem with him doing it, but it seems as if hardly anyone is actually using the course for the things he taught. Nearly everyone, at least those that are a part of the Facebook group, are only talking about BIM when I’d really like to know what’s working for them in their advertising which is why I bought the course.

As I already mentioned, the WP theme didn’t work perfectly and the links for some of the resources are definitely not the most bang for your buck. Why pay $20-$35 for a banner when you can get one on Fiverr for $5? Come on Vick really? Oh wait, one of the two has an affiliate program… and it isn’t Fiverr. This stuff rubbed me the wrong way when added to the fact that it appears as if High Traffic Academy was initially launched as Instant Traffic Media so Vick mentions that name instead of HTA in almost every video. It’s just weird to watch a course that isn’t exactly the course you bought… you konw? But once I got passed them I realized the info is still good and Kern’s stuff is great, so I didn’t get a refund.

One last thing though, if you do get it, don’t sign up for the continuity program, it doesn’t exist anymore so you’ll waste your dollar : )

Additional Thoughts and Conclusion

Overall, I’ve learned a lot and am starting to implement some of the methods I’ve learned. I’ll keep you posted on how things turn out.

In case you’re wondering, you can still purchase the course for $500 (instead of $2,000) if you are interested. I’d say it’s worth the money for someone looking to dive into paid advertising and doesn’t know much about it. That’s where I was, and that’s why I bought it.

If you have any questions you want to ask me first, go ahead.


High Traffic Academy Scam

High Traffic Academy is one of the more popular courses on how to generate traffic on the internet. I see a lot of posts all over the net saying everything from it’s a scam to affiliates telling you it’s the be all end all ;)

In this post, I am going to tell you what I honestly think about High Traffic Academy, and instead of the other 999 blogs where they dive into price and modules and inferior things like that, I am actually going to tell you my honest opinion as a super affiliate.

I’ve bought just about every course on the internet to help build my business and help expand my knowledge to help my coaching students.

Theres a lot of crap out there, but plenty of good courses as well.

Picture of HTA Elite Members and their Gold Card

HTA Elite Club Members

And just to make it clear, I’m NOT an affiliate with High Traffic Academy and this is just my opinion ;)

I don’t think high traffic academy is a scam. Vick has been around the industry for years and the guy knows how to drive traffic.

I think most of the haters saying it’s a scam are just jealous, bought the program and didn’t actually apply it or just want to convince you to join something else.

Now the one thing I can say in favor of High Traffic Academy is that if you want to get good at this business, if you want to make the big pay days that super affiliates do, then you need to get good at traffic generation.

The key to this business is knowing how to drive targeted traffic to your offers and lots of it.

High Traffic Academy – How to get 364k Visitors… von f100005853579417

It doesn’t matter what you’re promoting, what company you’re promoting or whatever niche you’re in- – – – You need traffic or you will fail.

With that being said you don’t need to buy a high priced course just to learn to drive traffic.

Theres a few commons ways to drive traffic which include blogging, content distribution, Youtube, Facebook, paid traffic, solo ads and I teach them all on this very blog.

If you want to learn the basics and how to generate targeted traffic then join my bootcamp training here.

For now I’ve put together a basic list of what you need to do in order to get targeted leads for your business.

Every traffic method, trick or strategy can simply be boiled down to 5 stages!

So these are the simple 5 stages of your business, starting from getting traffic all the way up to building long lasting relationships with your following so they buy over and over again.

The 5 stages of generating traffic, leads and sales!!

Picture of a HTA Commercial

How to get over 364,000 Visitors a day, EVERY day!

1.) Starting your very own blog

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing free or paid traffic, you need a blog.

A blog is where you bring people into your world, it’s where you build relationships with people so they like and trust you and it’s the key to effortless selling.

When you just try to pitch people from email 24/7 you’re not establishing any real connection with your audience.

You can and will make money from your email list, but having a blog is crucial to building a long term business online.

2.) Free or Paid

You can do either free or paid traffic or as I personally do, both!!

Search engine traffic is the most laser targeted traffic because you can put what you’re selling right in front of people just like this post, but I’m not selling HTC ;)

When you show up at the top of Google it’s effortless sales coming in daily.

Now if you have the budget then paid traffic is a great add on. My favorite sources are solo ads and FB ppc.

Paid traffic is a stable, scaleable and once you have a good sales funnel in place your business becomes automated.

Want to make more money?

Just buy more traffic, it’s that simple.

However if you don’t learn how to put a sales funnel in place you will be wasting your time on any traffic you spend money on.

3.) Having a sales funnel that converts

Now something I don’t see many people teaching is to create a sales funnel.

I lost so much money running traffic in the beginning because I bought all of these expensive courses and all they taught me was to buy their course, run traffic(basic methods) and promote their course to make them money.

What you really need to learn is to have a basic sales funnel in place to build a relationship with your leads, promote what you’re selling and guide them in the direction you want them to go.

Without this you’re dead in the water.

4.) Getting people to subscribe to your email list!

This is one of the most important concepts that I overlooked as a marketing newbie.

Your email list is your biggest asset.

If your traffic source dries up, if your business opportunity goes out of business or you want to change to a different business opportunity- – – As long as you have your list you’re golden.

The bigger your list gets the more money you make. A very simple concept.

In order to get people onto your list you need to give away valuable content thats worth someone entering their email just like my bootcamp training.

I give away products I’ve charged over $300 a piece for all for just someone entering their email.

This does two things:

– Builds a relationship out of the gate so people trust you.

– Helps establish credibility so people know they want to work with you.

So spend some time creating a good freebie and sales funnel ;)

Feel free to model off mine if it helps you.

5.) Becoming a credible source!

This is really much easier then you think.

When you first start out you can build credibility by learning how to do something, doing it yourself and then teaching it.

New people come into this industry every single day and they need people to teach them how to do it as well.

Don’t know where to start?

Reverse engineer me, model another leader you like or find someone you resonate with who is successful.

We do things we do for a reason, we’ve already figured out the hard part for you and we spent our marketing dollars to learn what we know.

So copy it ;)

Not steal, copy!!!

Picture of Vick Strizheus teaching on Stage


High traffic academy review summary

I think overall High Traffic Academy is probably a decent course, but as I mentioned before you can learn everything you need to know with a little research.

You just need to pick one traffic source at a time and master it, that’s the key.

Now if you want to learn how to generate leads, sales and build long term customers with your business then enter your email below to get my boot camp training.

I hope this High Traffic Academy helped you and if you have any suggestions or questions just comment below.

High Traffic Academy Review

High Traffic Academy Review

Picture of High Traffic Academy Trainings Course

Walk trough the levels of High Traffic Academy

The purpose for this High Traffic Academy review is to provide an honest review of this product. I know that when I’m making a decision whether or not to buy a product it has always been helpful for me to see what other people are saying about it. So, below is my honest review and I hope it helps you make the right decision.

What is High Traffic Academy?

I will break the product down in a little more detail below but essentially it focuses on helping people learn how to get targeted and relevant traffic to your site or offer. It also then teaches you how to convert that traffic into leads and most importantly sales. If you have been in the industry for a short amount of time or a long time you know it isn’t just getting traffic it does come down to converting that so you can make a profit and stay in business. This product does an amazing job of laying all of this out so that anyone can understand it. High Traffic Academy has the best training I have ever seen online which is why I’m taking the time to talk about it.

Traffic Generation Strategies

If you were to poll most internet marketers they would say their biggest struggle is traffic generation. This completely makes sense because if you can’t get people to see your website or offer then it is really hard to make a sale. You definitely wants to get high quality targeted traffic and leads so you can start to see more success in your business. There are a lot of trainings out there trying to teach you exactly how to do this but to be honest with you most of them are out of date or never really worked in the first place. This is the first training I’ve been through that walks you through everything step by step and shows you what is working now. That is saying something for me because I’ve bought tons of products and training on this subject and I actually graduated college with a degree in internet marketing. After going through this product you will not have the most common problem among online marketers anymore. You will know exactly how to get traffic on demand.

Picture of Vick Strizheus and students

Vick Strizheus, the Founder of High Traffic Academy, is the King of Traffic



Another thing that really sets this product apart is the conversion training. Getting traffic is only part of the equation. You also have to then be able to turn those visitors into leads and those leads into sales. There are way too many people out there that are spending a lot of money on traffic that doesn’t convert. Eventually you can’t afford to pay for traffic anymore if you are constantly not making your money back. The key is to be profitable and then scale up so you can generate an even higher income. This is the part of the business everyone should be excited about because this is where you start to see the real results.



I’m flat out going to tell you that I strongly recommend getting this product. It has hands down the best training I’ve ever seen and I stand behind it 100 percent. My passion helping other people have success in their businesses. That is what truly drives me. So, I hope that you found my High Traffic Academy 2 review helpful and you take that next step because this information is exactly what you need.